Dosing Systems

Monitored Dosing Systems

Monitored Dosing Systems may be suitable for patients in the following circumstances:

    • You struggle to organize medications and find it difficult to remember to take them at the correct time each day
    • You have a large number of medications to take each day
    • You find it difficult to remove medication from its packaging
    • You have a caregiver who helps you to ensure you take your medicines correctly

    Pill Pac System

    The Pill Pac System is ideal for your customers who have difficulty with medication compliance. The pharmacy prepares each easy to use Pill Pac blister to contain all the oral solid medications for each major medication administration time of the day. The secure Pill Pac card promotes independent living. Medication is packed on a seven (7) day card with four (4) time slots. Day & times are in large print.

    Pharmacard System

    The Pharmacard is used for narcotic, antibiotic and PRN medications on a 35 unit dose blister card.

    PacMed System

    The PacMed System is ideal for use in assisted-living or long-term care homes with multiple patients, where multiple caregivers administer medications. The system consists of a strip of cellophane pouches, containing multi-dose or unit-dose medications, and a Pouch Porter box to store them in.

    pacmed pouchThe PacMed System is also a great travel aid for individual patients: Greely Pharmasave can custom-package your medications and supplements into daily or multi-day pouches. Just toss them in your suitcase, and you’re ready to go!

    • The PacMed Pouch is clearly labeled with all necessary patient & drug information in an easy to open cellophane pack. Great for travel or leaves of absence.
    • The Pouch Porter provides a secure, organized, easy to use storage and delivery system for multi-dose and single dose cellophane packages. The medication roll fits in the front section of the Pouch Porter in order of the administration time. The next pouch to be administered is always on top.